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Dave Jackson

How long have you been thinking about starting a podcast?

What do you feel has been THE thing that has stopped you from starting a podcast.

How much are you willing to spend to start a podcast?

Once the podcast is up and running, how much can you spend a month to keep it going?

Are you on a Mac or PC

Do you have a website yet?

Do you have a microphone yet.

Are you looking to do primarily audio or video?

Can you attach a file (like a photo) and send it via email

Have you ever used a Word Processing software like Microsoft Word?

Have you ever "Copied and Pasted" something on a computer?

In regards to managing files (pictures, documents, spreadsheets) on a computer I would say I _

Do you have any experience with recording audio or video

Are you a blogger?

What is the ONE question you really hope this book answers?

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